Covid 19 updates

11th May 2020 – baring foreseen incidences it looks like outdoor training for up to 10 people will be allowed from Friday 15th May.

No group training at present, pending the National Cabinet meeting on Friday.

When group training does resume it will be in adherence to guidelines from NSW Government and Federal Government, specifically the AIS Framework at

  • Classes will be limited to 6 people + coach (7 people max).
  • Social distancing will be 2 metres.
  • Given the current climate children will be expected to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, failure to do so may result in your child being asked to sit out for the remainder of the session.
  • All drills can be conducted with no body contact or requirement to be close to another player.
  • Coach will do all set up and take down and requests kindly that children do not touch any of the equipment.
  • Participants personal gear, hoodies and water bottles, etc will be kept separate from others.
  • Coach will also stay 2 metres from participants.
  • The only equipment used will be cones and hoops as markers.